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Many services are common across the usual Makes but At Fuel Specialised we offer more specialist European repairs too....

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Electronic fuel injection service  It's no secret you need to service your injectors the same as you service other components in your car....

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Complete Car Repair and Auto-Electrics Car Repair Servicing on the Sunshine Coast

Based in the Sunshine Coast, we are an efficient and effective auto-electrics and car repair provider, offering mobile mechanical repairs and servicing. Diligent, prompt and thorough, we aim to return every vehicle to its prime state, to get you driving again sooner. We service all areas of a car, including auto-electrics repairs and mechanical faults, and are able to service both automatic and manual transmissions.

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Our technicians are adept at administering a complete car service on all types of vehicles. With years of experience in the industry, we have encountered and solved a vast range of issues - ranging from auto-electrics to mechanical - and are well equipped to repair any car. Whether you're looking to service your new, small European model with manual drive, or a larger, automatic Australian vehicle to clean the fuel injectors, we will be able to help you.

We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to find time to visit the mechanic workshop - even when you pre-book an appointment, other commitments may come up, and you keep rescheduling. This is why we created our mobile mechanical and electric service - to ensure that you will always have your vehicle serviced, exactly when you need it.

For thorough and complete auto-electrics car service in Queensland - whether in our mechanic workshop or in your own home via our mobile service - we are here to help you. Our car repair service is dedicated to the safety and efficiency of your vehicle, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

After a wealth of experience in car electrics, we were established in 2015, as a means of providing top car service to the Brisbane area. Our clients are extremely satisfied with the breadth and quality of our work - a testament to our friendly service and efficiency.

Our range of car servicing is unparalleled

We are able to attend to a variety of vehicles, from large and small models, Australian and international designs, and any transmission type. There is not a vehicle we cannot service, or a problem too large, so contact us for a discussion of your unique needs.

Emergency auto-electrics and car servicing

We specialise in emergency auto-electrics service and understand that such times come with stress. Each unique situation requires a precise and expert attention to detail - our team understands all of your car's processes, to fix it in the most cost-effective and timely manner. We handle these situations with dignity, to thoroughly repair your vehicle, and have you driving a roadworthy car again in barely any time.

Whether you're after large scale repair work after a crash, or you want the nitty gritty work that you can't attend to yourself - such as fuel injector cleansing or electrical wiring - we are happy to help. Our wide range of services includes:

  • Replacement of alternators and starter motors
  • Electrical, brake, suspension and timing belt repairs
  • Power steering maintenance and repairs
  • Air conditioning
  • Repair of chargers and inverters
  • Maintenance of driving lights, headlights and cabin lights

Our emergency repair is here when you need it most

Sometimes, you may need automotive repair in sudden situations - no amount of pre-planning can avoid the stressful emergency situations that occur from time to time. When you require immediate car or auto-electrics repair, we offer a prompt and professional service that handles your situation well. There is nothing more important to us than getting your vehicle roadworthy again - contact us to find out how.

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If you would like to book in a professional car repair or servicing appointment - whether in our workshop or at your own home or office in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast - contact one of our welcoming and warm team members on 0400 644 463. We will arrange an obligation-free quote and have you driving again. Once you experience our care, you'll never book another for your routine car servicing.